New game on the way!

2007-11-27 12:01:55 by Ciph3rzer0

I've been working for more than a month on my current RTS game engine. I've probably averaged about 6 good hours of work a week on it. But it's coming along nicely. The hardest part is actually coming up with the game ideas and drawing the stuff. I believe the first release will be a Defense game similar to Onslaught 2. I've attached a screenshot, if you check my forum posts you can probably find demos of the current version.

Ideas for anything welcome. As well as comments.

New game on the way!


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2007-12-05 00:04:30

are you going to use that song of mine you downloaded in it? beause i've been waiting to see if anything i uploaded would get used. looks very pro though, nice job.

Ciph3rzer0 responds:

It's a candidate, I'm not saying for certain yet. I don't know for sure if it's the style I'm looking for.


2007-12-31 01:18:17

Best wishes on your game bro :)