AS3, Computer Crashes and the Like.

2007-08-07 15:33:37 by Ciph3rzer0

Well, it sucked that not to long ago my old computer died, and I lost a lot of stuff. But its pretty cool that I found some old jump drives that had some really important info on it, so all is not lost!

AS3 is kicking my butt, and its really hard to do anything. I have many ideas, but I think my next project is going to be a defense/strategy game like none other! Lets just say it has all the advantages of Turn-based and Real-Time strategy games, with none of the disadvantages. Not to mention all the fun of a defense game.

How do I do that? Well to tell you would be to give away my brilliant new idea. But just keep your fingers crossed that I can get a grip on AS3.

(The thing that really sucked from my dead computer is all the little animations and stupid games I made I wanted to upload to NG but they didn't really warrant being submitted to the portal. I was going to upload them now for people to see who wander by my user-page, but oh well, all is lost :(


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